Your Hosts

30Frank & RichardWe are two straight-friendly gay men who have lived together in Vancouver for over 40 years.

We have been operating our vacation rental for 3 years now. It is a lot of work- but we really love it. We love meeting guests from away and we love meeting the families of neighbours who have chosen to stay at Strathcozy while they are visiting family members.

In 1988, we purchased our home in this neighborhood because of its close proximity to downtown. We are both cyclists- our primary mode of transportation in the city. We are a pleasant 35 minute walk or 10-minute cycle ride to Granville and Georgia Streets- the center of downtown Vancouver.

Our neighbours are for the most part socially and environmentally conscious, and share our city’s ambition to be the world’s greenest city. Strathcona has been designated a Heritage area by the City of Vancouver. Older buildings are protected and new development must conform to guidelines that maintain its late-Victorian character and charm. A highly desirable neighbourhood in a highly desirable city. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has rated Vancouver as the third most livable city in the world, and its spectacular natural setting makes it one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Vancouver is a vibrant, tolerant and diverse city. It is impossible to be a resident of our city and not have an acquaintance or friend who is from a cultural background that is completely different than yours. The multiculturalism here is amazing. There are people from everywhere in the world- it would be hard to find a culture, ethnicity or religion that isn’t represented here, and everyone gets along.

We travel a lot ourselves, and we know what it’s like to be impressed or disappointed with accommodations. We have created a welcoming, comfortable, clean place where visitors will feel at home. We are the type of travelers who want to be surrounded by locals and to get the feel of the place we are visiting and what it might be like to live there.  If you are our kind of traveler, Strathcozy is your kind of place.

Sometimes it seems like travelers have a target on their back- the constant barrage of overpriced attractions, accommodation, food and goods that confront travelers is really tiresome. You (like us) aren’t rich or you wouldn’t be reading this. Rich people stay at fancy hotels and don’t have to worry about costs- lucky them. Strathcozy is our attempt to be different- to charge reasonable rates and offer our visitors the most comfortable and relaxing place to chill after a day of being cramped in economy class, a day on the road, security checks, border guards, turbulence, crowds or any of the other joys of modern travel.

Nous parlons francais. Und wir sprechen ein bischen Deutsch. Hablamos tambien espagnol un poco.